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ActionSports Fishing Net - 4in1 on a Mans Back

A landing net can be a great addition to your fly fishing tool kit. While a lot of anglers will choose to return their fish to the depths from whence they came, even they will normally want the chance to pose with their catch and to show off just what they’ve accomplished!

Without a net, you’re left with the option of banking your fish or struggling to pull it out the water. This ActionSports fishing net will solve that problem for you, while also providing a number of additional advantages thanks to its smart design!

Features And Benefits

This is a particularly well-made net that does a lot more than just hold fish! For starters, the 4-in-1 nature of the net means that you can catch everything from lunkers to tiny fish and it will still be light enough to tuck away without noticing.

ActionSports Fishing Net - 4in1 Package


There are plenty of added bells and whistles here too. The magnetic clasp means you can easily pop it out to full size or flat pack it for example. The safety lanyard is also a smart addition that ensures you won’t lose your net if you drop it. And the anti-snag flat bottom netting will prevent it from catching on the ground.

Many anglers will purchase multiple different fly fishing nets to use in different situations. However, this net aims to be a single purchase that will offer everything you could possibly need all in one package.

What Makes It Different?

As mentioned, the versatile, ‘thought-of-everything’ design is what sets this net apart from the crowd. But it also includes even more extras that you wouldn’t likely expect – such as three carabiners for easily attaching your net! There’s even a lifetime warranty on the product.


This net will cost you $37.99 from Amazon at the time of writing, which is reduced from $64.95. If you consider that you might normally buy separate nets for kayak fly fishing etc., then you can see that this is a good investment overall.

ActionSports Fishing Net - 4in1 Size

Potential Drawbacks

While this net offers a lot of value for money, it certainly isn’t the cheapest option. You can get nets for a lot less and even make your own nets if you want to save a lot of money. The question is whether or not you want to go ‘all out’ and get the best net, or whether you’re happy to have something functional that might need replacing a little down the line.


Our advice is always to get the best products. This not only makes it easier to net your big game but will also make the experience of fly fishing that much more enjoyable. And that’s what it’s all about, after all!

In that case, this net gets our full recommendation!

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