Fly Fishing Vest Mesh by AnglaTech

Fly Fishing Vest Mesh by AnglaTech Adjustable for Men and Women on a Fisherman

This review is for a fishing vest with multiple pockets, pouches and zips. This allows you to keep all of your belongings on you while you’re wading deeper into the water, ensuring that you’re prepared for any scenario as it arises.

This is like your version of Batman’s utility belt and will ensure that you have your nets at the ready, your hooks nearby and as many flies as you could possibly hope to try out!

Of all the vests we’ve looked at, we’ve chosen this option as one of our very favorites thanks to the huge number of pockets and the smart design.

Features And Benefits

This is a great looking bag right away that you will be proud to wear. It is well camouflaged and will make you feel right at home stalking your fishy prey. It comes in both Forest and Sand color schemes and is actually quite a slim looking vest that won’t impede your movement at all (a problem with some vest packs).

Fly Fishing Vest Mesh by AnglaTech Adjustable for Men and Women Design


As with many of the best vest packs, this model uses a mesh layer that lifts the material away from your back and chest and allows perspiration to escape. That means you aren’t going to sweat and it means that you can enjoy wearing it in any weather.

This is an example of smart design and there are plenty more examples of that. For example, the cord pulls on the fly fishing vest zippers in order to reduce noise and make it easier to access without disturbing the local wildlife.

What Makes It Different?

When looking at vest packs, you basically have two flavors to choose from: you can either go for the packs that have hundreds of pockets and provide the absolute best storage, or you can choose the lighter options that won’t weigh you down or make it harder to move. This falls in that latter camp and it achieves that objective flawlessly.


This vest pack will set you back $69.95 at the time of writing, which is discounted from the usual price of $89.95 on Amazon.

Potential Drawbacks

While this is an excellently made vest pack for those who want to stay light and nimble, it doesn’t have quite as many pockets as some of the other vests we’ve seen. For example, the back remains mostly unused with a mesh pocket and a small pouch down the bottom – this could have been used to store a lot more.

Ultimately then, this is a great choice for those who don’t have a huge amount to carry with them.

Fly Fishing Vest Mesh by AnglaTech Adjustable for Men and Women Filled with Items


Overall, we can highly recommend this pack for anyone who wants to be able to wade out without leaving their things on the bank. It doesn’t have the largest capacity but it’s slim and light enough to make up for that.

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