The Best Fishing Apps For Modern Anglers

Man Fly Fishing In Nature

When you think of fishing, you probably think of being completely immersed in nature, surrounded by nothing but quiet, still waters and waiting for your beautifully crafted fly to get a bite. It’s a great opportunity to get away from technology and to turn off that phone.

And the health benefits of doing that are incredible. When you turn off your phone, your stress levels will instantly drop and you’ll find that you can much more easily let your mind go calm and still. It’s like a form of moving meditation and the act of fly fishing massively enhances that.

Man Fly Fishing in a Fast River

But for the sake of argument let’s say you don’t turn off your phone. Let’s say that you instead leave it on, drop it in the pocket of your vest pack and use it as a useful tool. Technology isn’t all bad after all and as it happens, there are actually a few apps that can enhance the experience of fly fishing.

Read on and we’ll look at the very best fishing apps that can help you to get even more enjoyment out of the fly fishing experience!


Fishbrain is an app for Android and iOS that basically acts like ‘Facebook for anglers’. Do you really need a Facebook for anglers? You’d think not… until you try it!

It turns out that angling is a hobby with a fantastic sense of camaraderie and that you can really get some enjoyment out of sharing with others.

fishbrain app fly fishing

Let’s face it, you have probably posted at least a good few pictures of yourself with various different fish on Facebook. It has probably even been your profile picture at some point.

The bad news? No one cares! The general public do not care about fishing and thus your triumphs are falling on deaf ears. But upload that same picture to Fishbrain and then you’ll get an amazing response.

That’s not even the best bit though. The best bit is the amount of data that the app has collected and what it uses that for. With over 750,000 recorded catches, it can tell you where to fish, which bait is working where and more. You’ll also be able to track your own progress, contribute to the community and find where friends are fishing so that you can go and fish with them!

It’s actually pretty game changing and every modern angler needs to get involved!


iSolunar is unfortunately an app only for iOS users. If you do happen to be on iPhone though, then it’s going to offer you a ton of cool advantages that can help you to become an even craftier angler.

This uses information about the position of the sun in the sky and about specific animals’ eating habits and uses this to tell you when you’re most likely to find certain types of fish and where. This is also handy because it offers information about the moon phase, about the weather and about the sunset.

isolunar app fly fishing

Even if you don’t use this app to guide yourself on where and what to fish, it will be very useful for knowing what you need to wear for your next fishing trip and also whether or not you’re going to be driving home in the dark!

Note that it is also useful to get one of the many, many tide apps that will let you know when the tide is going in and out. Of course, this is only really useful for saltwater fishing however!

GoFree Hooked Android

And now one for Android users.

This is a fishing activity tracker with gamification elements.

Oh… one of those.

What this actually means is that you’re able to log your walking and track your position. You can then record your catches and see your progress, how much time you’ve spent and more.

app fly fishing

The most fun part is that you can take on challenges which essentially turns fly fishing into a computer game where you can consistently hone your skills and watch yourself improve.

There’s something oddly rewarding about being able to see yourself ranked against others and being able to ‘level up’.

Who needs Pokemon Go?

That said, Pokemon Go is actually a pretty fun app to bring on a fishing trip…

Pro Angler

This is an app that is intended for saltwater fishermen and that really acts as a resource.

pro angler app fly fishing

It has over 15,000 fishing spots logged and provides a ton of information about each of them – such as the fish you can expect to catch there (the ‘What’s Biting’ section is good for this), the best flies to use and even the federal and state regulations so that you can make sure you’re not inadvertently breaking any rules!

Orvis Fly Fishing

This is an old-fashioned looking app for both Android and iOS but you shouldn’t let the looks fool you – it’s still very useful. This one is specifically aimed at fly fishers which is always nice and it thereby provides a lot of information that you won’t find in many other apps.

orvis fly fishing app

That includes how to tie specific knots for connecting your leaders and tippets for example and information on how to cast out to get your line a good distance. There are videos too to make it all that much easier and you even get money off certain products. In general, it’s a great app!

Closing Comments

As you can see then, apps really can improve your game as an angler by letting you know where and how to fish and by giving you a community to take part in. This really adds to the experience but just make sure that you still put your device away from time to time and feel the breeze on your face.

That’s what it’s all about, after all! The best apps are the ones you use once and then put away again!

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