10 Best Fly Fishing Trips You Can Go On

10 Best Fly Fishing Trips You Can Go On

There are many ways to fish, and the choice usually depends on personal preference and the resources and gear that you have at your disposal. These techniques include: net fishing, trawling, trolling (though phonetically similar, it is a different method from trawling), angling and fly fishing, which we will cover in this article.

As stated previously, your tackle will more often than not have a heavy influence on the technique which you choose to employ and your fishing style overall. For example, if you have a large variety of nets, you will most likely choose to use a net fishing style to get your catches.

Even if you have a fishing pole, you need to know whether or not your pole is optimized as an anglers’ pole or it is a specifically made for fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Pole

The difference between these two types of rods is that the fly fishing rod has a weighted line, this helps you with your toss by giving your fishing line momentum that is lacking with the smaller form of fly bait.

A typical fishing rod, on the other hand, gains momentum on the toss due to the weight of the more traditional type of lure, in this case you are tossing the lure and expecting the line to follow it along, not vice versa, which leads to a type of fishing reel where the reel itself is much lighter than the lure.

This fundamental difference which is evident in these two techniques does not entirely depend on the tackle, as they both use a fishing rod, the difference lies in the type of reel and bait which is used. The main difference lies in the technique which you use while casting your reel.

When angling, you try to cast with the momentum centered on your lure, which is typically heavier than your reel. When fly fishing, a fly lure is usually far less heavily weighted than your typical lure so you must spool up your line and toss that with the momentum pulling the lure along.

Fly Fishing Lures are always light weight

Of these various techniques, fly fishing is somewhat unique in that it combines aspects of many different fishing disciplines so you are able to increase your chances of catching a fish by improving the overall technique which you choose to employ.

Coming up next is our list of the best fly waters you will be able to find in the world. Fly water travel is becoming more and more popular as fly fishing grows in popularity. There are many fly fishing lodges around the world which are available to the common fly fisherman.

The Destinations

Destination 1 - Rainbow King Lodge

Rainbow King Lodge, in Iliamna, Alaska is one of the most well-known lodges for fly fishing in the country. If you can bear the flight all the way up to Alaska, this lodge comes highly recommended for the fly fishing aficionado.

Rainbow King Lodge, Alaska, US

Destination 2 - Ruby Springs Lodge

The Ruby Springs Lodge is located in Alder, Montana, so it is not a hard place to visit if you live in the continental United States, depending on how far you live from Montana. The waters here are brimming with fish and you will have a great time at the lodge itself.

Ruby Springs Lodge, Montana, US

Destination 3 - Casa Vieja Lodge

The Casa Vieja Lodge, in Guatemala, Mexico is a great location for fly fishing if you want to go to North America but you do not want to go fly fishing in the USA. The heat in this locale is slightly more intense than may be expected from somewhere in the US, however.

Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala, Mexico

Destination 4 - Firehole Ranch

Firehole Ranch is one of the premiere destinations in America if you want to go fly fishing. It is located in West Yellowstone, Montana, as with many other of the best fly fishing locations in the country. Firehole Ranch is world-renowned in terms of fly fishing.

Firehole Ranch, West Yellowstone, Montana

Destination 5 - Owyhee River

The Owyhee River is located in Oregon and is widely known as one of the best destinations for fly fishing on the west coast of the United States. This river can get a little more dicey when it comes to fishing, but you are nearly guaranteed a catch.

Owyhee River, Oregon, US

Destination 6 - El Pescador

El Pescador is a resort in Belize which features scuba diving, simple hotel services and, best of all, ample opportunity for fly fishermen. The waters here are known throughout South America as being some of the most temperate and mild you can find.

El Pescador, Belize

Destination 7 - South Fork Lodge

Located in Idaho, South Fork Lodge is another fishing lodge located in the continental United States, which should help facilitate travelling arrangements if you are located in any of the 48 continental states. The lodging is a high point here, with rustic aesthetics and luxurious offerings.

South Fork Lodge, Idaho

Destination 8 - Skeena River Lodge

The Skeena River Fishing Lodge is located in British Columbia, Canada. If you are looking for a fishing lodge to visit in the great white north, this is an excellent option, offering lodging and accommodations that compete with some of the best in the United States.

Skeena River Lodge, British Columbia, Canada

Destination 9 - Clackamas River Water

The Clackamas River is another offering from Oregon for a fly fishing destination. This locale does not have a specific lodge associated to it. Rather, it is a simple river that you can visit in your fishing truck for a more blue-collar experience.

Clackamas River Water, Oregon

Destination 10 - Grande Ronde River

Our final offering on this list in Oregon is the Grande Ronde River, as you may have guessed by now, Oregon has some of the best waters in the country available for fly fishing. If you are looking for a classic fly fishing experience, this destination is ideal.

Grande Ronde River, Oregon


In the end, deciding the right place to go for your fly fishing trip is as simple as finding the nearest destination for you that fits into your preferred climate area. If you are looking for more temperate locations, you should travel further south.

On the other hand, if you want to go fly fishing in a more cold temperature, perhaps you would prefer to take a trip to the Skeena River Lodge in Canada.

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