Caddis Men’s Breathable Stocking Foot Wader

Men in Waders Fly Fishing

Fly fishing waders help make fly fishing more exciting, more fun and less wet! Using these waders, you’ll be able to walk deep into the water to cast out to the other side of the bank where all the fish are biting! Lying in wait, you’ll be able to feel the movements in the water and really submerge yourself in the natural beauty spots that you’re preying in.

Wading into the water is the most authentic way to experience real fly fishing and waders let you do that without ruining your clothes! This is a stylish choice that has lots of great benefits and is ideal for anyone looking to stay dry while they fish.

Features And Benefits

This fly fishing wader has the considerable advantage of being breathable while still offering great water resistance. That means you can stay warm and comfortable while you’re deep in the water but you also don’t need to worry about getting too clammy and sweaty when the sun comes out!

Man Wearing Caddis Wader


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Whatever the weather, you’ll be comfortable in this great wader. The wader also looks the part with a simple grey color scheme and provides plenty of pockets for storing your items while you wade.

What Makes it Different?

The big advantage of this wader, as mentioned, is its breathable nature. This is accomplished using a durable polyester outing (which should also prevent tears and snags) and CaddisDry technology that lets perspiration out!

Another advantage of this particular range is the large selection of different sizes to perfectly fit anglers of all shapes and sizes!

Feet are double taped, glued and stitched to help you stay warm and dry but boots need to be purchased separately.


This is a very affordable wader when compared to other similar products on the market. Prices start at $96.68 and go all the way up to $173.99 depending on what size you need. Of course these prices are subject to change on Amazon as is always the case.

Be certain to check the sizing chart to avoid disappointment. There is a very wide variety of shapes and sizes so you should be able to find one that will be a snug fit!

Caddis Wader Sizes Chart

Potential Drawbacks

Of course the boots are not included in this product, which is something some users will consider a drawback. If you already have a great pair of wading boots though, or if you want to be able to mix and match your own, then this is the smarter option.

As with most waders, there is the occasional possibility of small leaks – but these are rare according to customer reviews.


In conclusion, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pair of waders you can use to start getting closer to the action. These look the part, offer a breathable and comfortable experience and don’t cost the other. Combine that with the handy pockets and great look and you have a very solid offering!

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