Choosing The Best Fly Fishing Landing Net

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If you’re going to start fly fishing, then you’re going to want to net yourself a net.

The role of a fly fishing landing net, is to give yourself something you can drop your fish into once you’ve successfully caught them and this is what will allow you to have your moment to pose with them, or to show your friends what you’ve accomplished.

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Of course if you’re planning on taking your fish home to cook and eat, then you’ll need fly fishing nets in order to carry them safely and get them back!

But even if you don’t plan on eating your fish – a lot of people do prefer to just let them back into the water – then you might find that you prefer a fly fishing net just so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for a moment and maybe grab yourself some photographic evidence.

But as with many things fly fishing, choosing a fly fishing landing net is not always as straightforward as it at-first appears. There are actually a number of different options and you can even make your own handmade fly fishing nets. Read on and we’ll look at this key tool in further detail…

Do You Need Fly Fishing Landing Nets

The job of your fly fishing landing net is of course to let you drop your fish into a container as soon as you successfully land it. The problem is that you’ll often be in a boat, or wading knee deep into the water when you catch your fish.

This means that you’ll have to raise the rod very high to get the fish out and in the air and it means that you’ll not be able to put your rod down in order to hold it.

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One solution is something called ‘banking’. Here, you simply drag the fish sideways onto a bank so that it will be beached and unable to swim away.

Even just pulling it into shallow water can do the same trick – although you need to be careful not to snag your rod on grass or rocks when you do this.

The other problem with this solution, is that you then need to wade over to the bank where you dropped the fish!

And for all these reasons, nets can do a better job!

Types of Fly Fishing Nets

Fly fishing nets actually come in a variety of styles too and some of these can be effective in providing you with more options for retrieving your fish.

One example is the collapsible net. This is a net that has a folding/telescopic frame. This means it can be packed flat, making it perfect to slip into a bag.

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Better yet, it also means that you can attach it to your fly fishing vest and easily carry it into the water with you. Then, you’ll often be able to click the net into place with a simple flick of your wrist. Always a satisfying feeling!

Another type of fly fishing net is the scoop net. This is a net that you can dip into the water and often they have some smarts about them – being attached to a retractor with a magnetic release so that they can also be easily collapsed.

These kinds of fly fishing nets are generally best suited to smaller fish such as grayling.

If you want to catch a very large fish, then often you’ll need a regular fixed frame and handle net. These are generally used from boats and can be left on the side, ready to dip in once they land their fish.

How to Make a Fly Fishing Net

If you want to save yourself some cash, then you can always make your own fly fishing net and there are a few ways to do this. Of course this is just a net and anything that does the job as a net will work.

You’ll just need something to act as a hoop, something to act as a handle and something to act as the netting. The handle length and shape is down to you but make sure to apply some thought when choosing the size and shape of the hoop – you need to be able to fit the fish you catch in here easily enough!

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You then simply need to attach the handle to your hoop and then find something you can use as netting to seal around the end.

One way to do that, is to loop it around and then sew or stitch it back onto itself.

If you’re looking for a simple method of finding your hoop and handle, then you can actually use a tennis racket and then simply replace the mesh with your own net. Obviously, if you have woodwork skills, then you can simply carve the wood in the shape you need!

While it can be fun and rewarding to learn to make a fly fishing net, keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to benefit from some of the more advanced features of fly fishing nets that you buy in stores.

For example, you might find it harder to make your own telescoping fly fishing net or to use a magnetic clasp.

This is usually a means to make fixed hoop nets and that means you’ll mainly use home-made ones for fishing from boats.

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Of course, that also means the nets you make yourself will normally be of the slightly larger variety.Either way, a fly fishing landing net is a simple and affordable addition to your kit and something you should definitely keep with you.

Make sure it’s big enough for the type of fish you want to catch and that it’s practical to carry around with you. Other than that, it’s really down to you just what you choose to use!

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