The 10 Most Commonly Targeted Fly Fishing Species

The 10 Most Commonly Targeted Fly Fishing Species

Finding the right species to fish for can usually be a bit of a hassle. Many people wonder just what kind of species they can expect to catch when they begin fly fishing. Others wonder which species are the most sought-after regarding fly fishing.

We have assembled this list of the ten most commonly targeted fly fishing species to provide an answer to these questions once and for all. Fly fishing is one of the best methods to fish, and you are not quite restricted regarding the fly fishing species you will find.

Fly Fishing For Bass

The first of the fly fishing species which are commonly caught or targeted by fly fishermen is the bass. Bass are some of the most common fish in North America and throughout the world. There are a large number of bass subspecies, but the types with the largest populations are the largemouth and the smallmouth bass.

Bass Fish

Due to their large population, they will necessarily be some of the more popular targets for fly fishing species.

Fly Fishing For Carp

Carp are another fly fishing species which are quite popular, much like bass. There are many varieties of carp, such as the silver carp, the common carp, the bighead carp and the mud carp. Carp is typically not fished for food due to the flavor.

Carp Fish

The reputation of carp as an angling fish is changing as carp were previously viewed as pests in the past and they are now steadily gaining favor as a species which is challenging and fun to fish for.

Fly Fishing For Trout

Trout were the original fly fishing species. In fact, the entire discipline of fly fishing was developed to catch trout in the most efficient manner due to the way trout tend to congregate in either riffles, runs or pools during different times of the day and the mating season.

Trout Fish

Fly fishing makes it easier to spot these patterns in the water and gives you a better chance of finding trout due to the manner in which they stick to their tendencies.

Fly Fishing For Pike

Pike is another species of fish that is ideal for fly fishing. More specifically known as the Northern Pike, these fish tend to grow rather large in comparison to other fly fishing species, so it helps to ensure that you have a strong line and a secure grip on your fly fishing rod before attempting to tackle a pike.

Pike Fish

They are most commonly found in shallow waters during the springtime, so it helps to time your fly fishing expeditions right.

Fly Fishing For Salmon

Salmon are a species of fish that are closely related to trout. For this reason, they are also very amenable to the discipline of fly fishing. Salmon have been the subject of debate for quite a while between sports fishers and commercial fishermen.

Salmon Fish

Commercial fishers tend to bemoan the enforced quotas with which they must abide to leave enough salmon to return to be caught by sports fishermen.

Fly Fishing For Crappies

Crappies are another genus of fish which are typically targeted by fly fishers. Crappies are a North American fish which are quite popular with many forms of fishers, including anglers and fly fishers.

Crappies Fish

The reason for this popularity is that crappies are some of the best tasting species of panfish that you will find. Fly fishers tend to target crappies during the spawning season as this tends to give them the best chances of making a catch.

Fly Fishing For Brim

Brim are a type of panfish which are also commonly referred to as bream. They are very popular with fishers due to their delicious flavor and the challenge that they tend to provide when they are being fished.

Brim Fish

It is due to these challenging aspects that many fishers choose to use the fly fishing method when trying to catch bream as it will typically allow for a greater success rate than other, less practical methods.

Fly Fishing For Redfish

Redfish are another species of fish which tend to be ideal for fly fishing as they put up more of a fight compared to other species. The reason for their comparative aggressiveness is their enlarged size and their more boisterous manner.

Redfish Fish

When you are fly fishing for redfish, you will typically want good visibility in the water as that will make your job far easier. While it is possible to catch redfish in diminished visibility conditions, it tends to be far harder.

Fly Fishing For Panfish

While we have already addressed some of the more popular varieties of panfish in earlier entries, such as the ones for crappies and bream, we will also address some of the less common ones such as the bluegill and the sunfish.

Panfish Fish

While the bluegill may be less well-known to other types of fishers, it has a superb reputation amongst fly fishers as being a great beginner and intermediate level fish regarding difficulty when trying to make a catch.

Fly Fishing For Snook

The common snook is another very popular fly fishing species. They are prized for being a challenging catch as they will very commonly fight the reel and it is not unheard of to have to make a few attempts before capturing a snook.

Snook Fish

The fight is worth it because snook is also delicious as long as you remember to remove the skin, which can ruin the flavor quite easily. Snook are recommended for more experienced fly fishers.


That is all for our list of the most commonly targeted fly fishing species. We have tried to cover a good variety of species which are best targeted by fly fishermen due to a combination of factors such as difficulty, flavor, and mannerisms which make them vulnerable to fly fishing.

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