Crystal River Knotless Tapered Leader

Crystal River Knotless Tapered Leader (5X 5-lb./9ft.)

When choosing the various different parts of your fly line set-up, it’s important to spend some time really considering each of your options. The fly leader is not something that most people think of as being a highly crucial or particularly exciting part of the fly casting experience. This is just the boring bit that attaches the fly to the line… right?

If that is the view you hold, then in all likelihood, you probably haven’t ever gone from a low quality leader to a great one. This can actually make a big difference to your experience when fly fishing and not only improve the way it feels but also the amount you catch!

Your leader will impact on the way that the fly turns in the air, to ensure it has the optimum position in the water. It prevents your fly from breaking off when a fish gets interested and it keeps your line relatively invisible in the water. All very crucial aspects of the fly fishing experience!

Crystal River Knotless Tapered Leader (5X 5-lb./9ft.) Package


Features And Benefits

So with all that in mind, you need to have the best leader possible. This Crystal River Knotless Tapered Leader might just be that. It is designed to transmit casting energy perfectly and reviews state that it creates a very smooth turnover and natural presentation for your fly.

It also comes with a tapered leader included, which will appear almost invisible in the water while the fly attracts the nearby fish.

For those who are looking for different types of fishing, it’s also possible to get different matching tippets. The strength of this leader is 5X.

What Makes It Different?

This is generally just a well-made leader with one tippet included and the option to add many more. The one bonus feature that does come with this product is the knotless nature. That is to say that the leader and tippet are already attached, so there’s no need to tie your own knot unless you want to change out the tippet.


This is a very affordable product and right now sits on Amazon at $6.42. At that price, there is no risk in giving it a go and seeing if it will do what you need it to.

Multiple Tapered Leader

Potential Drawbacks

The reviews for this leader are highly popular, with 4.5 stars based on 24 customer reviews. However, the few negative comments mention that the knot is not very tight and some people lost their tippets as a result. This is likely to make switching tippets easier – just be sure to tighten it before you cast out!


Overall, this is a very simple and straightforward leader and tippet that comes pre-knotted. It is strong and versatile and saves beginners the fiddly work of tying tiny knots in their tippets and leaders. This is something that every new fly fisher should avoid if possible!

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