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5 Pack - Fly Fishing Tapered Leader - 9' on a Wooden Surface

This is a review for a five pack of tapered leaders. Leaders are the elements that connect your fly line to your fly and they actually have a very important few jobs.

For starters, you need to be able to rely on your leader and tippet in order to be sure that they won’t snap and break while they’re in the water, leaving your fish to get away and wasting your fly. These also often a layer of protection to your line, to prevent it from getting damaged if you snag your hook or your fly.

The tippet also needs to have the advantage of being nearly visible while being incredibly strong. This ensures that the fish don’t think anything is… fishy… and still get attracted by the fly.

Finally though, perhaps the most important job of the leader is to transfer momentum from the line to the fly in mid air, to ensure it rolls over properly and the fly presents itself naturally on the water. This makes all the difference to the way your fish bite!

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Features And Benefits

With all this in mind, it’s very important that you choose a high quality leader and tippet and this isn’t an area where you can cut corners.

That said, fly fishing is an expensive hobby sometimes and you might find that you’re struggling to afford all of the different fly fishing gear that you need. That’s why you need to be smart about where and how you shop. You need to spend as little as possible, while still being sure to get the very best value products!

That’s what you get here: five tapered leaders at 9’ each. You can select any size (‘X’) for different strengths, ranging from 2-6.

What Makes It Different?

What really sets this product apart is the value. Getting 5 leaders this cheaply will help you to avoid wasting money and unlike other budget choices, what you’re getting here is good quality. In fact, the manufacturer (Bozeman FlyWorks) claims the product is the same value as better-known brands like The Fly Shop.

While there isn’t much to say about this product, one neat feature is a loop for easy on/off connecting to your fly line. That will save you a little bit of fiddly knot tying!


This is a very good value product and will only cost $8.50 for five tapered leaders. That comes to $1.70 each!

Basic Tapered Leader

Potential Drawbacks

This product has no real drawbacks.


In conclusion, this is a great alternative to over-priced brand-name leaders. If you want to save some money without risking losing your fly or scaring away the fish, then this product is going to do the job just nicely. A good little hidden gem on Amazon for fly fishers!

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