Staying Dry While Fly Fishing With Waders

Fly Fishing in Nature

Fly fishing waders are clothes that are designed to help you take your sport to the next level. These are clothes that allow you to wade into the water and to get closer to the action.

The best fly fishing waders are the ones that will offer a mixture of comfort and performance, keeping you dry while at the same time looking and feeling great.

Man in Nature Fly Fishing

In this post, we’ll look at everything you need to stay dry while you’re fly fishing while looking the part and feeling at ease!

Why Wade?

Fly fishing waders can really make the difference for your trip and ensure your fishing experience is all the more enjoyable and rewarding. That’s because wading can make a big difference.

They say that the best way to fly fish is to cast as close to the opposite bank as possible. Why? Because it will allow you to get your fly right over to the thicket on the other side and float around the bushes, long grass and weeds that are found there.
This is a great habitat for a lot of fish and critters and an excellent place for you to hunt!

Men in Waders Fly Fishing

In short, wading when you’re fly fishing will allow you to get that much closer to the action and to catch fish that would otherwise be too far away. It also helps you to pull the rod and the line from a level angle and it allows you to see what’s going on that little bit better.

The best part about wading though is not actually the strategic advantage it lends you. For many, the best part about getting on a pair of fly fishing waders and walking into the water is that it brings you that much closer to nature and helps you to feel that much more submersed while you’re hunting.

It’s a great feeling, lying in wait and trying not to disturb the water while you watch fish dance and dart around your fly. When you wade in, you’re really getting serious!

Choosing Waders

But of course standing knee deep in freezing cold river water is not everyone’s idea of a good time! And neither is having to trench home with soaking wet pants. A lot of us also don’t like the idea of having to change our underwear on the bank – which is where fly fishing waders and wading boots come in so handy.

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Fly fishing waders are pants, using with straps that go over your shoulder and that come up higher than your waist. These are of course waterproof and the idea is that you can wade deep into the water without worrying about getting your clothes wet underneath. They should also be able to keep you nice and warm!

Fly fishing wading boots meanwhile are the boots you’ll wear over the top, which need to trap the air in your fly fishing waders to prevent the water from gushing in around the edges!

Types of Waders For Fly Fishing

There are a number of different types of waders and other wading clothes you can get as a fly fisher.

Boot-foot waders for example are fly fishing waders that have the boot already welded to the bottom of the waders. These are essentially all-in-ones that include the boot and they’re your best choice if you need to change quickly when you get back onto the bank. They’re also particularly effective in keeping the water out and there’s less chance of you putting them on wrong and ending up wet!

Stockingfoot waders meanwhile have neoprene socks attached but you’ll still need to add your own wading boot at the bottom. These are typically easier to clean and wash, easier to carry and generally another good option. The neoprene is comfortable to walk on and can add an additional protective layer to your boots.

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Chest waders for fly fishing are waders that come all the way up to the chest. These might include a fly fishing vest which will allow you to carry items with you into the water that you might need while fishing. They may even include life-vest elements and be able to inflate should you fall in!

Breathable waders are simply fly fishing waders that are cooler to wear and won’t get too hot and sweaty while you’re wearing them. These do an amazing job of allowing air to come in and out as normal, while at the same time keeping you dry! Good brands to look for are GORE-TEX and H2No. Vapour Tech are good too, as is Fabric Technology.

Conversely, it is also possible to get waders for fly fishing that are made entirely from neoprene. These aren’t breathable but they sure are effective at keeping the water out and they sure are warm!

It’s very important to ensure you shop around and find the best fly fishing waders and the very best fit. You’ll want to avoid anything too baggy as this will increase the likelihood that you might snag on a rock – thereby allowing water in!

For more on the best fly fishing waders, be sure to check our reviews section!

Wading Boots And Other Extras

If you didn’t get chest waders, then you’ll want to get yourself a fly fishing vest.

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag Lightweight Chest Pack On a Person

And unless you get a boot-foot wader, then you’ll also need to shop for wading boots. Make sure you find wading boots that will not only keep your feet dry and warm but that will also give you enough traction on the river bed to avoid getting pulled over when you get a bite or slipping.

You also want something with a bit of protection against irritant river creatures. Good options for the soles of your wading boots include felt and rubber/plastic compounds.

With the best waders for fly fishing and the right boots, you’ll be ready to get stuck in and start catching even more fish!

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