Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag near a River on a Rock

This review is for the fly fishing lightweight chest pack, a small, lightweight bag that can easily be slung over your neck and used to wade into the water with your fly rod, while keeping all of your essential fly fishing gear easily to hand.

Wading deeper into the water is not only the best way to get your line out to the opposite bank where it’s likely to get the most attention; it’s also the best way to really enjoy your fly fishing experience – everyone likes getting a bit wet and this way you get to really feel like you’re a part of nature!

Features And Benefits

This fly fishing bag is very much like a small satchel with a strap. This could just as easily not be a chest pack and could be worn around the back, or under one arm. It’s small size is big enough to keep a fly bag, or even perhaps a guide book and a camera. You also get a pocket at the front, where you could keep hooks etc.

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag Design


This is a great choice because it’s light and will almost disappear when you’re moving quickly. What makes it more than just a regular side bag is a waist strap that goes along with the neck look and will allow you to run and climb without worrying about the bag swinging from side to side.

What Makes It Different?

This is an interesting alternative to a vest pack. While this doesn’t offer anywhere the storage of a vest pack, it is much smaller and much less noticeable as a result. Again, this all comes down to the type of experience that you’re looking for but suffice to say that this certainly has its place and will be very useful for a large number of people.

Another nice unique aspect is that it actually comes with a number of useful accessories that anglers will love! These include a retractor, nipper, forceps and lead straightener. That’s some great added value!


Right now, this bag with all the options is retailing at $18.99 on Amazon. That’s a very good offer when you consider everything that you’re getting and makes it an easy product to recommend. The bag was originally selling for $27.00, so do bear in mind that Amazon prices are subject to change.

Man Wearing Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag

Potential Drawbacks

While this bag is small and light, that can also be a downside as it means you’ll struggle to fit as much in it. If you have a huge assortment of items you need to carry with you, then sadly this bag just isn’t going to be up to the challenge.


Overall, this is a great choice if you want to head out onto the water with just a few accessories. It’s also generally a great little bag!

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