Piscifun Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel

Gold and Grey Piscifun Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel in Grass

Your fly reel may be something you don’t give much thought to and yet it can make a huge difference to your fishing experience. A good disc drag system for example can help you to win the fight against tough fish without completely exhausting yourself, while a good grip can prevent it from flying into the water!

Then there’s the smoothness of the reel, which is a result of both the size of the arbor and the drag. In short, changing your reel can be game changing.

Is this impressive looking aluminum fly fishing reel a good choice?

Features And Benefits

From the look of it, this is instantly an impressive fly reel. Piscifun is known for using high quality materials and this reel is no different, made from a glistening aluminum that is truly eye-catching and expensive looking.

Piscifun Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel


The design of the reel matches this, with a lot of useful features. One way bearing for easy left-to-right hand retrieval is a great idea for example.

The reel has a line weight of 5/6 – perfect for many beginner anglers – while the weight is just 6.5. It has a backing capacity of 20lbs/100yds.

What Makes It Different?

While the base model is grey silver, it’s also possible to get this in a stunning black and blue design. This is very eye catching too and in general, this is a reel that looks a lot more premium than it actually is.

And this really is a very affordable reel, definitely one of Piscifun’s more budget-minded picks but that is no problem when you consider the price that you’re getting the reel for and just what a study and rugged construction you get.

As a nice added bonus, you’ll also get a spare spool or reel (depending on your order) and a free protective bag for keeping your reel in!


For a 5/6 reel, you’re looking at $44.59 on Amazon at this time. While there are other line weight options available, this is the only one that is currently showing on Amazon and is the best choice for most new anglers.

Two Piscifun Aluminum Fly Fishing Reels in Sand

Potential Drawbacks

While this is a very good value reel, it is still somewhat basic for an advanced angler. Pros will likely prefer a large arbor reel and this isn’t going to be suitable for salt-water fly fishing. The reel also doesn’t come with any instructions but the good news is that they can be found easily online.

Note as well that there aren’t any other line weights available right now, which is of course going to be a disappointment for a lot of anglers.


At the end of the day, this is a solidly made reel and you could very likely pay $100 for it if it were from another manufacturer. While it doesn’t come with any particular bells and whistles, it covers the basics very well and is beautifully made. It matches very well with the Piscifun graphite fly rod.

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