Piscifun Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line

Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line Packaging

This is a fishing line that is well designed for beginners or experts alike and has a ton of great design choices to make it one of the best picks for those in the market for a new line!

Your fly line is one of the most important considerations for your fly fishing. This will impact on everything from the experience of casting out, to the amount of weight you can place on the end of the line (including the fish!).

Features And Benefits

This is a great all-round fly fishing line that claims to be suited to beginners and experts. It comes in a range of line weights to suit any type of fishing and also has a weight-forward design that will allow for much easier casting out.

This is the type of line that is most often recommended to new anglers and that most pro anglers will continue to use thanks to its effectiveness.

Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line Reel


The line also has a lot of other great features. A thick diameter for example also makes it even easier to cast, while a braided core makes for lower memory in all weather conditions. Integrated ‘slickness’ further the lubrications for amazing distance and performance.

A PVC layer also aids performance, while a sleek welded loop improves the energy transfer to the leader for better turnover. The welded loop is what really adds to the quality of the line and makes this such a great purchase.

What Makes It Different?

The line also comes in some beautiful, striking colors which is a nice added feature whether you want your line to be highly visible on the water, or you’d rather it blend in with its surroundings.

As is often the case with Piscifun products, this line manages to offer all of the features of a premium range line but with a very approachable price point.


This line will cost you $26.98 for the lightest, shortest option or $35.98 at the top of the range. Note that Amazon prices are always subject to change.

Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line

Potential Drawbacks

This line offers everything you could want in a fly line but isn’t the cheapest. For a welded line, it is very cheap but if you’re looking for something more basic at a lower price point as an absolute beginner, you can probably find it.

Some people might also find that 90-100FT isn’t long enough for them. You can solve this issue with backing however.


Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not this line is right for you will depend on what options you’re looking for. If you want the very best experience, then this is the cheapest you’re going to get it and from a well-respected brand!

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