PLUSINNO Lightweight Portable Fly Fishing Rod

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A graphite fly rod at this price would be enough to catch anyone’s eye right away! But when you consider that this is an ultra-portable fly rod that easily breaks down into four small components and comes with an excellent case for easy carrying, it becomes even more appealing still!

Features And Benefits

This is a very well-made rod for the money. With 30-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks and chromed stainless steel snake guides, it will stand the test of time and provide you with a stable and strong rod to fish with.

The rod also has all the hallmarks of any graphite rod, being very light despite its impressive strength. It is also very flexible with a moderate-fast action, which will make casting out very easy for new anglers and will be suitable for a very wide range of fish and lots of waters.

PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod Graphite Pole Package
4.3 star gold rating

The line weight of this rod is 5/6 and the weight is about 4oz. It also comes with the reel, a line and even some lures! The gear ratio is 1:1 and the reel has a good disk drag to make fishing a cinch.

What Makes It Different?

What sets this product apart of course, is the ultra portability. When broken down, it is just 27” which is more than small enough to fit into a lot of chest packs or other bags. In short, you can carry on with regular activities and then bring out your rod only when you need it.

The bag is durable, looks great and further adds to the value of the package and the portability.

When you consider how much else you get – the line and the reel for example – and that all of this is matched using the balance system, this really is a great pick.


For the ultra portable rod and bag alone, you’ll pay $39.99. If you want the lures, the line and the reel, it will cost you $78.99. That’s great value for everything you’re getting and plus, you get the peace of mind that it will all work flawlessly together as one unit – so this is very much our recommendation.

Potential Drawbacks

There are few drawbacks to this package. One thing to consider is that you may prefer a slightly heavier action as you progress. And of course, if you don’t need your rod to be ultra-portable then you can get some slightly cheaper options.

The other thing to bear in mind is the quality of the graphite, which does vary and usually reflects the price. If you’re a pro, you may want to spend a little more and use this as a ‘travel backup’.

PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod Graphite Pole


All said, this is a highly unique, versatile and great value product that we can highly recommend to anyone looking for a new rod – especially those who enjoy to wander off the beaten track occasionally!

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