Redington PATH Fly Rods Review

Redington PATH Fly Rods Lifetime Warranty w/ Case on a Wooden Table

There are two types of rod you buy as a fly fisher. One is the beginner rod that you buy so that you can give fly fishing a try and see if you like it without spending a fortune. These rods tend to be relatively flimsy and don’t tend to have much in the way of durability or style. This is a functional rod.

Then you have the rod that you buy once you’ve really taken to the hobby. This is a rod that feels personal. It’s a rod that you spend a little more on and that will stand the test of time. This is when you start to really hone your craft and choose your ‘rod for life’.

This product is that ‘rod for life’. So much so in fact, that Redington is willing to offer a lifetime warranty! It just has the price and the benefits of a beginner rod too!

Redington PATH Fly Rods Lifetime Warranty w/ Case Package
4.4 star gold rating

Features And Benefits

This is a very well made fly rod that is designed to be incredibly versatile and to work in pretty much any conditions. The rod is designed to work in any type of water and has a moder-fast action to help you cast out an average distance and catch the biggest variety of fish.

The rod also comes in a large number of different size and comes with an anodized aluminum reel seat, which is perfect for fresh water and saltwater applications.

You can also buy various different combinations, which will be great for making savings and also saving yourself the time and stress that comes from trying to find matching lines, reels etc. You can also get it with a very attractive case.

What Makes It Different?

This rod is generally just a very well made rod at a great price. It will cast a long way and it will be capable of fishing in all manner of conditions.

This is definitely a suitable rod for beginners – it doesn’t cost the Earth and it should be easy to cast and use.

But whereas many beginner rods are very much ‘budget rods’ and don’t really perform all that well, this is a beginner rod that can also be a pro rod. And with that lifetime warranty, it will stand the test of time. The versatile options in terms of what package you want, the weight and the length only further make this a great choice.

You get all sorts of nice extras in every pack too, from cloths for cleaning to pre-spooled reels.


This rod set will vary in price depending on your selection. The cheapest is $104.98, with the highest end range being $216.05.

Redington PATH Fly Rods Lifetime Warranty w/ Case Rod

Potential Drawbacks

The only slight downside is that you’re still going to be able to slightly tell the cheaper material if you really know your stuff. The reel uses a composite material rather than metal for instance. But for 99% of people, this won’t be noticeable, let alone an issue!


In conclusion then, this is a fantastic value rod that only becomes all the more appealing when you consider that amazing lifetime warranty!

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