SF Fly Fishing Landing Catch And Release Net

SF Fly Fishing Landing Soft Rubber Mesh Trout Catch and Release Net In Water

After making the perfect cast, waiting patiently, spotting your moment, setting your hook and then battling with your prey, it’s a perfect feeling when that fish gets close and you know you’re about to land it.

Imagine the pain then, of getting that far only for the fish to slip through your fingers – perhaps literally!

That’s an experience that many an angler will be familiar with, which is a shame when you consider that it is also entirely avoidable. Using the right fly fishing net, it’s possible to quickly drop your catch in and then pull them out of the water. You can then pose with them, take photos and return them to the water if you so wish.

But not every fly fishing net is made equally and getting the best one makes all the difference. Is this one a good option?

SF Fly Fishing Landing Soft Rubber Mesh Trout Catch and Release Net Package


Features And Benefits

This net uses a soft rubber mesh that is gentle on fish and that is also good for anglers. Other than that, this net has a lot of other hallmarks of smart design.

The clear color for example is designed specifically not to spook fish and the wooden handle and hoop only adds to this. Specifically, that frame is made from laminated bamboo and other materials. The nets are very strong and in fact will be suitable for pretty much any fish. You also get a handy copper swivel at the end which will attach to a magnetic clip, so you can be certain not to lose the net if you should drop it!

What Makes It Different?

The main thing that makes this net different is the material. The rubber mesh is very different from using a string net, in that it will be much more gentle on the fish being caught. For those who want to catch fish without hurting them and who intend on letting them back into the water after, this is a great choice.

At the same time, this material won’t collect mildew or mold and it won’t snag on things under the water. Overall, this is simply a more practical option for your fishing net and will make your life considerably simpler!


This net comes in a variety of different sizes and these range in price, starting at $24.99 and going up to $48.99. This is a great benefit, as it means you can get the perfect sized net for the fish you intend on catching.

SF Fly Fishing Landing Soft Rubber Mesh Trout Catch and Release Net

Potential Drawbacks

This net has no obvious drawbacks, other than to point out that cheaper options are available for those who aren’t bothered by the rubber material.


This is a great net overall that uses a smart material choice and also features a generally well-thought out design. In short, this can help to make any fly fishing trip that much easier and more enjoyable, ultimately resulting in a greater chance of catching some impressive big fish!

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