Top Five Fly Fishing Starter Kits

Top Five Fly Fishing Starter Kits

As beginners, we all dream of catching that enormous trout, giant salmon or other big fish. And as a novice anglers, we think trod and reel is all we need. However, Fly fishing is a sport that requires much more.

The fly fishing gear includes a fly which is used to catch the fish and is cast using a fishing rod known as a fly rod, reel, and weighted line. The fly line is the heaviest part and propels forward to carry the momentum along the leader and takes the fly with it.

Man in Shallow Waters Casting Line

Fly fishing is different from traditional fishing because fly fishing involves this different casting technique. With traditional fishing, they cast using a lure or bait that gets attached to the end of the fragile and lightweight line.

The sport requires specially designed fly fishing equipment to achieve the right casting technique, the fly rod, and the fly line work together and transfer the energy through the line.

Types Of Flies

The humble salmon or trout fly that you use varies considerably and includes several different types including feathers from ducks, fur and hair from animals, artificial and synthetic materials, glass and tungsten beads, and tinsels, wires, and other types of ribbing materials.

All the flies used are made to imitate the food that the fish are going for, and it attracts the fish and gets them to get closer and closer to the lure. One of the most rewarding aspects of fly fishing is tying flies yourself and then catching with them.

Essential Gear And Accessories

You are looking at that beautiful slow-moving small stream and wondering how to catch those trout. When it comes to a fly fishing outfit and fishing gear, there is so much to consider. Anglers want the best and even as beginners you should buy the best you can afford - it will serve you well in the future.

There is much in the way of necessary equipment and accessories that are needed if you decide to pursue a fly fishing hobby. Essential gear includes waterproof waders, zip front waders, standard front waders, wading boots, and a hat.

Men in Waders Fly Fishing

Fly fishing often involves stepping into the water so it is important that the gear you purchase can keep you dry and prevent you from losing your footing in the water and mud.

Polarized sunglasses will help minimize eye strain, and nippers are effective at cutting knots. A zinger is what holds the nippers, and a hemostat is a clamp that removes flies from the mouths of the fish.

A nail knot tool, fly floatant, and extra tapered leaders are also essential to include in your fly fishing starter kit. Purchasing a starter package or kit will help eliminate any guesswork when it comes to choosing the right equipment if you are new to fly fishing.

The kits include everything you need to start and most come with preinstalled line and are lightweight and easy to cast. Most starter packages also include an instruction booklet or guide that will walk you through the basics that you will need to know before your first fly fishing outing.

Our Top Recommendations

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package

  • 4-piece 9’ Fly Rod
  • Large arbor reel with drag
  • ​Pre-installed line
  • ​Hard rod case and rod bag
  • ​Die-cast aluminum fly reel
  • ​Five floating fly line
  • ​20# backing and leader
  • 9’ 5x tapered monofilament leader
Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package

The Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package is the ultimate bundle for the beginner fly fisherman. Its design makes it very forgiving for a beginner but sophisticated enough for a professional angler. It is very affordable and includes the fly rod, fly reel, hard rod case with zippered storage, four section rod bag with ties, fly box and spare monofilament leader.

It also includes size 14 winged black ants, gold ribbed hares’ ears, and parachute Adams. 

The 9’ fly rod features a machined aluminum reel seat, a cork handle with compressed cork accents rings, stainless steel stripper guides with silicon carbide rings, and stainless steel snake guides.

The Fly reel is die cast aluminum with disc drag, installed weight forward five floating fly line, 20# backing and a 9’ 5x tapered monofilament leader which can easily be changed from a left to a right-hand retrieve.

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Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit

  • 8’ three-piece fly rod
  • 6/7 weight rod and reel
  • Emerald green E-glass blank
  • Eva foam grip
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Stainless steel hoods
  • Aluminum oxide stripper guide
  • Graphite body
  • Fly line and tapered leader
  • Two flies and instruction guide
​Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit

The Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit includes an 8’, 3-piece fly rod, graphite fly reel, fly line, tapered leader, and two flies. It is a right-hand retrieve reel with a built-in hook keeper

It is a well-balanced fly combo that will help to eliminate any issues involving purchasing the proper equipment, and the instruction guide shows any angler how to tie the five basic fishing knots and gives the basics of fly fishing.

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Martin Fly Fishing Reel with Line and 3-Piece Fly Rod (Size 5/6)

  • 5/6 preloaded fly reel
  • Includes backing, line, and leader
  • 3-piece 8’ fly fiberglass rod
  • Custom fly assortment
Martin Fly Fishing Reel with Line and 3-Piece Fly Rod (Size 5/6)

The Martin Fly Fishing Reel and Rod come prepackaged with the right equipment any beginning fly fisherman will need to start right away. There is no need to guess at what should be purchased; it is all provided and includes a getting started booklet to lay out the how-tos of fly fishing.

The reel is preloaded with backing, line, and header and the rod are made of a fiberglass material that makes it lightweight and easy to use.

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DELUXE Wild Water AX56-090-4 Complete Starter Package

  • 4-piece 9’ rod
  • Large reel with drag
  • Preinstalled line, backer, and leader
  • Rod case and fly box
  • ​Assortment of fly patterns
  • Extra leaders and tippet
DELUXE Wild Water AX56-090-4 Complete Starter Package

The DELUXE Wild Water Complete Starter Package comes with everything an angler needs for their first fly fishing outing.

The included case is big enough to hold everything that is included in the starter package and has a convenient zippered storage pouch on the side of the case to hold your flies and other accessories, so they are easily accessible when needed.

The fly rod is slow to action and features a mid-flex design to make learning how to cast a lot easier for any beginner or even seasoned angler.

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Crystal River Executive Travel Pack-Fly Fishing

  • Single action graphite reel
  • 8’ 8-section fly rod
  • High modulus graphite blank
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Fly line and tapered leader
  • 2-sided fly box with detachable strap
  • Nylon form-fitting case
Crystal River Executive Travel Pack-Fly Fishing

The Crystal River Executive Travel Pack includes everything you need including an 8’ eight section fly rod and a single action graphite reel that is both lightweight and durable. It features a quality ball bearing spinning wheel and an aluminum spool. It is also rugged and includes a heavy nylon form fitting case for convenience.

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The beginning stages of learning how to fly fish can be daunting and overwhelming, due to the amount of equipment and the type of equipment that is needed. Purchasing a starter kit is the best way to go to alleviate any second thoughts or the question of, “am I purchasing the right stuff?”

The starter kits include everything a beginner needs to be well on their way to catching that perfect fish with less hassle and stress.

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