Top Gift Ideas For Fly Fishing Fanatics

Man Fly Fishing in Nature River

Got a friend or relative who just loves fly fishing? The best gifts are almost always the ones that take into account the hobbies and interests of the recipient and this is the perfect kind of hobby to base a gift around!

The only problem is that it can be hard to know just what to buy for your fly-fishing-mad friend if you don’t know anything about fly fishing yourself!

Woman Fly Fishing In Nature

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best gifts there are for fly fishers so that you can win some serious brownie points come their next birthday or Christmas!

Idea #1 – A Chest Bag

A chest bag is a bag that you wear on your chest… inventive nomenclature! The idea is that this will allow your fishing friend to wade deep into the water where they can get closer to the action and where they’ll be able to cast their line out further right to the opposite bank.

The chest bag then holds all of their belongings as they do this and allows them to keep those items out of the water but still lets them keep them easily accessible so that they can change flies or bring out different hooks.

There are two types of product that fulfil this role. On the one hand, you have the vast array of vest packs that are basically vests that also happen to have lots of built in pockets. Then you also have the chest bags, which are much smaller and can be worn easily around the neck.

Man Wearing Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag

As a gift, a chest bag makes more sense; not only because it is more affordable and a better small gift as a result but also because it means that your friend can still have the enjoyment of selecting their own vest pack. The chest bag can be worn on top, on its own or even separately for different activities. It is that versatile and useful!

Idea #2 – Flies!

The great thing about flies is that they not only serve an important function but also look beautiful. Flies don’t last forever, they get cast into the water to be used as lures and thus they will inevitably get lost. This means that you need to keep replacing them. Thankfully, they’re very affordable – often costing less than $1 each.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not a pain constantly having to find more though. And it doesn’t mean that this won’t be a very welcome gift for your friend who now won’t need to worry about restocking their own supply quite so soon.

Better yet, flies are incredibly intricate and beautifully made. That makes them much better gifts than they might otherwise be. If you can get your friend a set of flies, ideally presented in a nice fly box, then that will be a great gift that will fit your budget and that they can actually use.

Barnsley Fly Box + 100 Assorted Fly Fishing Fly Kit Flies

Disposable gifts like this are always a good idea – that way, there’s no danger that they’ll end up displaying something basically out of politeness!

One to step-up your gift giving game? Then how about doing some research and making your own flies for your friend? This takes a lot of skill but the results can be quite beautiful. Whether they choose to throw these into the water or not is really up to them…

Idea #3 – Books

Books are a great gift for a fly fisher as they can help with all manner of different aspects of their game. For example, a book on tying knots can be a fascinating gift that will help them with their fly fishing as well as helping them to get more general skills and experience that they can apply to all manner of different activities – including a range of survivalist and outdoor skills.

fly fishing books gift idea

You can also provide books on fly fishing lifestyle, guide books giving ideas on where to fly fish and all manner of other useful reads. What about an index of different fish?

Idea #4 – Waterproof Phone Case

If you know what phone your friend has, then getting them a waterproof phone case might just be the best thing you can do for them! Fly fishing will very often involve wading into the water and this is part of the fun. Unfortunately, it does also mean that they’ll be likely to get a bit wet and that their things will get wet too!

phone case waterproof gift

With a waterproof phone case – and ideally one with a lanyard attachment – they can bring their phone with them when they’re fishing. This isn’t so that they can answer sales calls (part of the point of fly fishing is to get away from the fast pace of modern life) but instead is so that they can take photos when they catch a massive fish!

Of course there are plenty more practical gifts like this that you can give. Some good examples include things like head torches, small scissors or even callipers. Think in terms of gifts that they’ll actually get some fun out of though as well as practical use. A lunchbox is a good option!

Idea #5 – Trips

Often the very best gifts are not the physical items but rather the memories! One of the best gifts you can give for that reason, is a weekend away somewhere with a stunning lake or river that they can fly fish in!

bahamas fly fishing

Better yet, why not suggest a trip together? If you know how to fly fish, then you can enjoy that trip with them and if not – it’s a chance to show an interest in something they love and also to let them teach you a new skill!

This is one of the nicest things you can do for someone and it will also bring you closer – which is really what gift giving is all about.

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