The Top Places in The World to Fly Fish

Panorama Nature Fly Fishing Ranch

One of the very best things about fly fishing is that it gets you outside and forces you to get closer to nature.

This is your excuse to chase down spots of great natural beauty, to wade into the water and to stand in complete silence and you hear nothing but the sound of the water gently lapping against you or running around you. You lay in wait until you get signs of a bite and then the battle begins!

Man Fly Fishing in a Fast River

Not only is it highly rewarding actually catching those fish then and honing your craft, it’s also just a brilliant excuse to get away from it all. Perhaps you spend most of your day in a busy office and this is the only chance you get to turn your phone off and hear nothing but the birds for a bit.

Your mind will wander and you’ll see some incredibly beautiful sights.

And this now gives you more to do whenever you visit anywhere else in the world too. You don’t just visit a country any more – you look for the opportunity to immerse yourself in its natural habitat and to really embrace the silence, stillness and incredible views around you.

But with all that in mind, what are the very best places to fly fish? Not just in terms of what you catch but also in terms of the incredible things you’ll see? And the feeling of natural rejuvenation that you’re derive from the experience?

Let’s look at some absolutely life-changing fly fishing experiences that you can chase down around the world…

Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina

It’s a long way for many of us to travel but it’s very much worth it as well. This is a place that is very well known for its huge monster Brown Trout. These can often weigh in at well over 10lbs, which is a pretty exciting opportunity!

fly fishing in patagonia argentina

The landscapes are also stunning, with the polar climate and tundra. You’ll have plenty to look at while you wait for those monsters to strike!

New Zealand

Let’s face it, New Zealand is absolutely breath-taking from pretty much any angle. The country is also very well known for its fly fishing, which is thanks to its absolutely crystal clear water. You’ll be able to see the fish around your waders and you’ll find both brown and rainbow trout here.

The country was actually called ‘angler’s El Dorado’ by the novelist Zane Grey.

new zealand fly fishing

What’s really great about fishing here is just how much it changes the game. The water is transparent, which means that you can see all those fish rushing around you… but they can see you too!

That means you need to forget about blind casting and instead get strategic. Spot your quarry and beautifully unfurl your fly in its direction…

Abacos Island, Bahamas

As if you needed an excuse to visit the Bahamas, which also have stunning transparent water and a beautiful climate to match.

But while you might be tempted to spend all your time just stretched out on a sun lounger, we would urge you to hop in and try your hand at a little fly fishing while you’re here.

bahamas fly fishing

That’s because you’ll find that the water can be very shallow when the tied is out, making it quite easy to catch yourself some bonefish and other interesting creatures. You’ll find a ton of fishing lodges around and can watch the locals doing it. It’s just a great place to try some fly fishing!

Ascension Bay, Mexico

Ascension Bay in Mexico is well known for its flats-slam potential. It offers a lot of flats that are full of bones and permit and once again it’s just a very beautiful and stunning place to be. There are lots of specific fishing resorts that operate throughout the year and you’ll have a brilliant time staying at any of them.

Bighorn River, Eastern Montana

This is one of the best places in the US to go fly fishing for large trout. The waters are highly productive due to the ample hatchings of insects all throughout the year and this makes it the perfect place to get out your streamer flies.

There are plenty of brown trout here and they’ll measure anything from 17” to 22” in a lot of cases. It can be a bit busy in the summer but in fall it does get a little quieter, so you’ll stand a better chance of sneaking up on something impressive…

Chalk Streams, Hampshire, UK

We’ve seen some exotic locations on this list and some areas of absolutely incredible beauty. Hampshire in the UK is not typically considered that and yet it’s still a great place to fish.

Chalk Streams, Hampshire, UK

There’s a very good fly fishing community in the area and you’re pretty much always bound to bump into some other anglers. What’s more, is that the area is the perfect place to taste some authentic English fly fishing. And when the whether is nice, there is a lot of greenery around too!

Montauk, New York

Just to prove that you can fly fish anywhere, note that you can also get some impressive fish at Montauk, on Long Island. A great place for stripers and bluefish and a very different vibe for your fly fishing!

Round Up

This is just a fraction of the incredible places to try fly fishing. And whether you’re standing in the valley of an incredible mountain range with crashing waterfalls in the background, or you’re in Hampshire taking it easy and talking to the locals, this is always a great way to get an even more authentic experience of your locale.

fly fishing sunset nature river

That’s just one of the amazing things that fly fishing can do for you and just another reason to take up this awesome hobby.

What are some of your favorite places to do some fly fishing? Which incredible beauty spots or productive rivers did we miss?

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