Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package on a Wooden Table

Getting started with fly fishing can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. You’ll find yourself not only having to choose a fly fishing rod but also a line, a reel, a tippet, a leader and flies. You’ll need backing too and you’ll need to ensure that you’ve fully understand the balance system to be certain that everything will work seamlessly together.

Not complicated enough? Well then there’s the fact that different line weights will work better for different fish. Different actions will work better for different types of water and different amounts of wind. You can get ‘nymphs’ for your flies or you can get ‘attractors’.

Then there are all those knots. And what is the ‘X’ system?

Before your head explodes, consider getting yourself a start-package. This is a single purchase that will include all of the different fly fishing gear you need, all in one place. All of these items will have been selected because they’re well suited to beginners and they’ll be guaranteed to work together.

Even some of the knots will be tied for you and the price will be lower than buying everything individually!

Let’s asses this wild water fly fishing complete start package then shall we?

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package


Features And Benefits

This is a single package that should provide everything you need to seamlessly start fly fishing without the headaches. The package will include a 4-piece 9’ rod, a large arbor reel with good drag, a preinstalled and knotted line with backing, leader and tippet. A rod sock, a rod case, a fly box and plenty of flies including:

  • 3 black winged ants
  • 3 parachute Adams
  • 3 gold ribbed hare’s ear nymphs

The rod itself comes with a lifetime warranty and there’s even a spare leader!

The rod itself is a slow action, mid-flex which is intended to make it easier to learn casting. Everything is contained within a convenient storage pouch.

The line weight is 5/6.

What Makes It Different?

It’s not that uncommon to come across fly fishing starter packages these days. What makes this unique though is the sheer amount included – and especially the smaller elements that you might not have thought of, like the fly case and even the carry bag!


What makes this so impressive though is the price! At just $97, you’re getting pretty much everything you could need to start fly fishing and a lot of this equipment will last you for a decent amount of time too.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package Fly Case

Potential Drawbacks

The potential drawbacks are simply though inherent to buying packages. Of course, not being able to choose each element yourself means you might not get the ideal fly or leader for your area, or perhaps you may not find the rod to your tastes. Not everyone will be a fan of the mid/slow action.


Overall, this package is incredible value for money. Reviewers often mention their children catching big fish and in short, it’s a perfect starting point for a lot of hopeful new anglers!

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